Quality Control

Management, monitoring and quality control of construction works.
Various techniques
  • Injection techniques on bridge piers
  • Expertise of steel pipes and a corrosion level of assessment
  • Coring and assessment of the thickness of various road strata
  • On-site inspection and sampling
  • Sampling and testing of aggregates
  • Quality control of cementitious and bituminous materials (on-site and in laboratory)
  • Evaluation of the compaction of materials using a nucleodensimeter
  • Design of the concrete, mix and pavement structure
Our specialties
  • Concrete coring
  • Specialized tests on cement concrete
  • Specialized tests on refractory concrete
  • Specialized tests on asphalt
  • Evaluation of corrosion potential
  • Soil aggressiveness test
  • Non-destructive tests to assess the state of the infrastructures (underground pipeline, bridge, overpass, dams)
  • Chemical analysis