Concrete and Civil Works

Plus de 20 ans d’expérience en génie civil acquis à travers le Canada et outre-mer. Spécialisation dans les produits cimentaires à hautes performances – Travaux d’imperméabilisation garantis 10 ans.

Our skills
  • Evaluation of urban structures (bridges, overpasses, roads made of asphalt concrete)
  • Diagnosis of the structural integrity of waterworks, sanitary systems and storm water systems with recommendations on rehabilitation techniques
  • Varied expertise in the field of civil engineering
  • Over 20 years of experience in civil engineering acquired both in Canada and abroad
  • Specialized in the use of high performance cementitious products – Ten years warrenty for any waterproofing
  • Turnkey projects with guarantee and report
Our specialties
  • Coring
  • Thin repairs
  • Structural screed
  • Structural slab
  • Delaminated concrete repair
  • Shotcrete / Formed concrete
  • Waterproofing of structures
  • Concrete mass
  • Rehabilitation of art structures
  • Stabilization of structures
  • Injection of cementitious materials
  • Repair of cracks in concrete foundation walls
  • Waterproofing of foundation walls of concrete and limestone blocks
  • Implementation of drainage system from the inside or the outside of the building: French drains, dewatering wells